Successman Mindset : Mr. Tebe Version

What are you thinking about currently? money, hope, success, holiday or something that make you happy? What’s actually you want in your life? I can answer your question right now through out this article: The key word is Mindset. Yeah, the first step you need to do to achieve your goals is changing your mindset right now to a good direction. To be continued…..

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Determining The Complexity Of Algorithm (The Basic Part)

Hi buddy? many students or even your self talking about analysis algorithm often seen as a scary thing and I agree 100% cos I’m also not really sure about it since I believe analysis algorithm is a large thing and needs a high math knowledge to understand it, and the bad new is I hate talking about mathematics :-). However, through this article I’ll share you about the basics to analysis algorithm based on what I know about it with the hope at least it can help beginners who are trying to analysis algorithm. Finally, this is not as a perfection, there are lots of rooms for improvement or better articles about this stuff. And I state this is just a sharing! :-)
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Creating Simple Shoutbox Using PHP & Ajax by OOP Way

As usual insanity is continued :-) This tutorial will guide you step by step to create a simple shout box using PHP & Ajax with the hope you can create it for your own. Actually, there are lots of advanced shout boxes spread in internet that you can place in your page freely, but have you ever think how actually to create it? Well, this tutorial will show you the idea behind it!
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Arithmetic Coding Algorithm and Implementation Issues

You’ve probably seen that there are a lots of articles or textbooks that talk about this algorithm detailed. Unfortunately, not all of them explain it clearly and sometimes hard to understand what it’s really talking about, since it just give a common basic theory without considering how actually to implement in the real world. However, there are still great stuff that I think is very good for any beginners who learn this algorithm. You can visit Eric Bodden, Dipperstein or Arturo Campos that explain this algorithm conceptually and followed by implementation issues and an easy to follow source code. Read the rest of this entry »

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Vignere Cipher Algorithm and Implementation in Java

Actually, this implementation is belong to my friend when we had a homework assignment in Cryptography class few months ago. And I hope he allowed me to publish this script in this page, since I forget to have permission to him,,.. ;-). Well, this page will share you a simple encrypting algorithm implementation as a part of classic encryption technique, that’s Vignere Cipher. Vignere Cipher is easy to understand, because as its type, it doesn’t perform any bits operation otherwise only the characters manipulation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lempel Ziv Welch (LZW) – Dictionary Based Compression

Interested in data compression, I choose LZW algorithm as a lossless algorithm that represents the dictionary based algorithm that I compared to another lossless algorithms, Arithmetic Coding and Run-Length Encoding+Burrows-Wheeler Transform for my college’s final report few times ago. I interested to choose LZW since it’s as the improvement of LZ77 and LZW78 which all of them is based on dictionary. After doing some testings I got that LZW is effective for data text since believe or not in the data text there are much of repeated patters or redundancies that should be encoded with a single code, which means many patterns can be encode with only one code.  Read the rest of this entry »



Basic Technique Creating Your Own PHP Syntax Highlighter

For my first “Hello World” in PHP, I was wondering what’s the real benefit of studying regular expression. It has been one of my stupid questions that I’ve realized while writing this article cos when I learn it in the class, I never found the real implementation of regex that enough useful for web development, so sometimes i frustrated to try to learn regex, I don’t really understand how to mix the meta characters to be a regex so that it can be used to handle a certain task. But, after few examples of regex that I’ve been used, I found that regex is something that very important to understand, since not all problems can be solved by a normal command without using regex. Read the rest of this entry »

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